Sunday, 17 July 2016

At the Blueberry Time: About the background of the painting Art Nouveau Cat

It´s  the time of blueberries, so good to tell a little about the backgound of my picture "Art Nouveau Cat". I have already shared it in Google+ quite many times. The cat there is called Mathilda (sister of Mindo). It is quite a typical painting of mine at the time: I like for the first to combine realism - sometimes even photorealism - with fantasy and for the second make some objects with finel details and others approximate. In this painting the cat is painted in a very realistic way. In fact Mathilda looks quite exactly like that. The blueberries are simplified/stylished and make a good contrast with the yellowish background. The leaves of the lilies of the valley are quite redused, not much more than outlines  and two colors. It wasn´t my meaning to leave them so plain, but I think nothing more is needed in this painting. And the beautiful red - but poisoneus ! - berries have here an important  visual role. For the third: typical for me is that what the painting becomes in the end might often be quite much different from the one I sketched and planned. New ideas come when you paint. By the way often the best way to get ideas is to just start drawing something and the ideas just come;  rather than sit and try to seek the right mental creative artistic state of mind. For the fourth I have added here ornaments on the bottom. I like ornaments and decorations. I have left on purpose the lines not-straight. just because I have always preferred free línes. I never use ruler. But I admit that when I scetched the layout of the enlargement of my cottage for the architect, it looked better drawn with the help of the ruler...

But blueberries. They taste excellent as berries or in the form of blueberry-pie! And it is plenty of them arround my cottage. I should pick 1 litre per day. Already have 4 litres.