Sunday, 3 July 2016

Wood Folk "Dragonfly Man" and recent news

It´s been long time since I wrote here. Well the spring went partly in "studying" entrepreneurship. I have launched  a Company of my own, named Siklee.  Comes from the french word giclée pronounced in finnish.

And I had not less than 4 exhibitions in June. One of them in the library of Sello is still continuing till 8.7.1016.

Been also planning to convert my cottage to my home  within a year, or at  least  make my cottage more comfortable to live also in wintertime. Some enlargement and comforts are needed. I´m waiting for the architectural drawings.  We´ll see see how it will go.
I have  also continued my series of "Wood Folk". I put here "The Dragonfly man". "Flower Girl" is the next but needs some finishing. The point in these drawings is to cover the surfaces with structure - without so many outlines - in stead of coloring. Have to confess that got the idea from an ink-drawing course. As an example of this style was mentioned Tove Jansson´s ink drawings.