Thursday, 8 June 2017

Friday, 2 June 2017

Small faces from front with watercolor pencil

Started to do what is most natural - and easiest - to me: draw people., with water-colour pencils and a pencil.To begin with doll or barbie-like human figures, their faces.  The figures are on purpose a little unatural - and without other expressions than smile, faces symmetric and from front. They will be many many many more. As models anyone or nobody: friends, family-members, celebrities, maybe myself, but I don´t reveal who I have used and where. They don´t have to look like the models exactly - and they don´t.  By the way, no real human is perfectly symmetric. Some are imaginary and in some the model has simply been a barbie or the model has become out of my head. Lets see what becomes out of it.  Of course they will get clothes. They will maybe get expressions, different positions.....maybe a house or other things. The biggest difficulty is that they are relatively small and thats why the drawing line must be very very narrow and your sight good. Well here I get benefit from my asymmetric vision: my left eye sees well very near and the right one far - without eyeglasses.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Swans gouache painting / Joutsenet guassimaalaus

Yesterday I was visiting my childhood hometown Muhos. I walked along the River Oulu and saw there more swans than ever before. It looked like hundreds. Some were scereaming, some swimming, some flying. They seemed all to be in pairs.  I have put a photo of them in Twitter and google+. This gouache painting is made earlier this year. Just finished it lately. The background of the painting  is inspired by a place  near my cottage, in the Salmi outdoors area. I am going to make a giclée print of this soon and put it in my Siklee-shop, and also other prints.

Eilen olin vierailulla entisessa kotikunnassani Muhoksella, missä kävelin  kirkon vieressä virtaavan Oulujoen vartta ja ihastelin käsittämätöntä joutsenten määrää. Niitä tuntui olevan sadoittain Osa lensi, osa huuteli, osa uiskelnteli. Olivat pareittain, mitenkäs muuten? Olen laittanut niistä kuvan Twitteriin ja google+:aan. Tämä guassimaalaus on tehty jo aiemmin, mutta viimeistelin sen vastikään. Sen taustassa on ´vaikutteita mökkini lähellä sijaitsevalta Salmen ulkoilualueelta. Aion tehdä maalauksesta pikapuoliin taidevedoksen ja laittaa sen myös Sikklee-kauppaani myyntiin, kuten muitakin taidevedoksia.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Some stylished and decorated giclée prints

 Hello! How has your spring started? I hope you are enjoying the sun! I have started to stylish / decorate my artwork with computer for giclées. Here some examples.

Hei! Onko kevättä jo rinnassa? Olen käyttänyt viime päivinä aikaa kuvieni stailaukseen tietokoneella ja tehnyt muutamia taidevedoksia ( giclée printtejä ). Tässä muutama esimerkki,