Friday, 2 June 2017

Small faces from front with watercolor pencil

Started to do what is most natural - and easiest - to me: draw people., with water-colour pencils and a pencil.To begin with doll or barbie-like human figures, their faces.  The figures are on purpose a little unatural - and without other expressions than smile, faces symmetric and from front. They will be many many many more. As models anyone or nobody: friends, family-members, celebrities, maybe myself, but I don´t reveal who I have used and where. They don´t have to look like the models exactly - and they don´t.  By the way, no real human is perfectly symmetric. Some are imaginary and in some the model has simply been a barbie or the model has become out of my head. Lets see what becomes out of it.  Of course they will get clothes. They will maybe get expressions, different positions.....maybe a house or other things. The biggest difficulty is that they are relatively small and thats why the drawing line must be very very narrow and your sight good. Well here I get benefit from my asymmetric vision: my left eye sees well very near and the right one far - without eyeglasses.

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